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  1. Ah...the moment 0.0 users were waiting for: I will play Minecraft on Hardcore mode. Now, here's the seed I was lucky enough to find: 204183922583

    This seed spawns you right next to an abandoned village! With a bunch of other cool things, like gigantic mountains and islands and such. Shall I begin? Sure, just generate the world!

    And I begin my journey...
  2. (Darn Java; let me take screenshots!

    Anyways, I ended up creating a house, then getting marauded by 10 creepers. Game over, so maybe I should start again. Any new seeds?)
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  3. Twitch1
    This is an awesome seed. Same spawn point every time!

    Screenshots coming soon...
  4. Thanks for the seed: uploading story right away.
  5. Alright: Screenshot Commentary. On the seed Twitch1. Let's begin...

    actually, I forgot to take screenshots of too much; I only found some chickens and wood.

    Best thing so far was building my house in an unconventional area: 2012-02-18_10.42.58.png


    Surviving in one of these lakes of water is going to be lots of fun trying to do. That, and there's skeletons right outside my door; not much I want to do there.
  6. Here are some screens from Creative Mode. :) (It is an album on imgur.com)
  7. Thanks; uploading results from days 2 and 3.
  8. Nice. Glad to hear you made it more than 1 day. ;)
  9. (At a basketball game...anyways, I'm back. Updates: 1 MC day at a time.)

    DAY 2:
    OMIGAWDWUTISDAT?:eek: Oh, it's an Enderman; I'm not staying there. O_O

    2012-02-18_11.09.40.png 2012-02-18_11.09.46.png
    A MC day from now, the viewers get to decide which cave I venture into. For whatever reason though, I didn't mine the coal.


    And at the dawn of night, I established this subsistence farm:
  10. Day 3:

    So far, so good. No creepers have blown me up yet.

    I found lotsa coal while improving my living space.

    2012-02-18_11.27.15.png In fact, I spent an entire day inside this house. Yet, only one of my wheat stalks actually grow. I also put some glass around the house so I can see, but that's invisible for now.
  11. So, from here, you can pick cave 1 or cave 2. Might be the same system, but I'd like some viewer interactivity so I can keep my day rolling.
  12. I like cave 1 with the external coal. :)
  13. Alright, then. Getting ready...
  14. Well, there's the end of that marvelous run. I got blown to Heck by not 1, 5 creepers.

    Might want to try another seed just to see how I do. I lasted 5 days; nice seed, Twitch1!
  15. Thanks. I have tested it out on the newest snapshots, Jungle Biome and NPC village nearby every time. :) Exciting.

    Try out the seed: Hardcore Survivor
    (Untested, just sounds cool. :))
  16. Twitch check out my thread, it has your seed sugestion
  17. Try the seed antvenom.
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  18. Lol I like ant's vids
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