Darkwellor: A Post-Nuclear Empire Minecraft Experience

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    Greetings, citizens of the Empire! I have decided to spoil you guys with something fun I planned. It is literally a tough survival out in the Wilderness for only 12 days, with only these supplies:

    Full list:
    • 1 Stone Sword
    • 2 Stone Pickaxes
    • 1 Axe
    • 1 Flint and Steel
    • 2 Oak Saplings
    • 8 Rotten flesh
    • 8 Cookies
    • 1 Fishing Rod
    • 1 Stack of dirt (64)
    • 1 Bonemeal
    • 1 Leather Chestplate (attatched to torso)

    That looks like a lot, doesn't it? Well, think again! This new ruleset makes life out in the wild focused on the tense battles out there! Of course, I must show you:

    1. Darkwellor must survive out in the Wilderness for at least 30 in-game days out in EMC.
    2. Darkwellor cannot ask for help, unless he finds it himself.
    3. Darkwellor is forbidden from moving outside his house at any time except the night. At daytime, he must be concealed in a house of sorts.
    4. Darkwellor must never use the Live Map until the 30 in-game days are over.
    5. Darkwellor must post screenshots for each day.
    6. Darkwellor must somehow build a monument using cobblestone in that 30-day period.
    7. Darkwellor must always engage in combat against a monster if he sees one.
    8. Darkwellor must...enjoy his playthrough.
    Shall I begin? Or no...? And I start from the original outpost, by the way.
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  2. Adding this: I am playing on SMP9, where I own not a single residence.
  3. Wow? What do you mean?
  4. Well this is quite impressive to do, and why would u do this?
  5. Bored.
  6. Sounds somewhat easy. Be a pro and have no armor xD
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  7. Also , which server do u originally live in?
  8. Leather is nothing really...
  9. Fffft....
    Do it with nothing, fool.
    That's how we all start out in SP.
    My first world I played on hard, I started it, punched trees until dusk, and hid in my house for 3 days, lol.
  10. How dare you call me foolish!

    But I've decided that I keep the dirt; the rest dies off
  11. DAY 1:

    Getting some wood, after burning all my tools with Flint 'n steel

    2012-05-31_19.45.55.png 2012-05-31_19.47.25.png
    Goshdarn wasteland

    Here, I built some regular tools. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and had to retreat in here.

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