Darkroom grinder.

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  1. Hi I have made a number of xp grinders (using elevators and drops) using spawners I have found. For my next project I am wanting to make one of these dark room grinders. Can anyone explain how to make one or give me some kind of link to a tutorial? I would also like to have a go using one someone else has made, I'm on smp6 so pm if you could help me with that. :)

    Thanks in advance,
  2. search on youtube?
  3. I have done and followed a number of tutorials but they are all really big projects I just want to know if there is an easy and effective way of making them?
  4. Not quite sure check Ethoslab out he does amazing contraptions
  5. Ok I will do thanks. :)
  6. Monkeyfarms Mobs On Demand is a very good tutorial but beware! Darkroom spawners do not appear to work very well on SMP, as I've built one which is the only spawnable land around for over the required number of blocks (128) and it's pretty crap to be honest.
  7. Making that kind of grinder should be easy, i my self know 4-6designs. Also check www.youtube.com/ethoslab Seach for on his channel for silver and take the last one. He made a tut to a design :)
  8. Ok thanks guys!
    I would really like to see one though. Could someone possibly show me one please?
  9. Thanks Aikar that really helps!
    So if I understand correctly the mobs spawn on those little stone "islands" and eventually fall into the water current which carries them to a big drop where they fall to their death. Is that correct?
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