Darkflow215's Introduction!

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  1. Hello! I am Darkflow215, but you may refer to me as Flow if you like.

    I'm a girl who loves minecraft, videogames in general, reading, writing, and drawing! I'm open to being friends with anyone, and if you'd like to interact with me, I'm more than glad to give you some sort of contact information, but please keep in mind that i am not always online.

    Here is a picture of my person, taken some time in March of 2015, I believe:

    Anyways, I found this server whilst looking for new servers to join. So far, this is the best one I've ever found. I don't know of any other server that is so involved in their community, and as a result I will do my best to get involved, as well. I hope to make many new friends on this server!
    Thank you for reading my intro! c:
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  2. Welcome to the Empire Flow. Enjoy your stay. :) What server are you on?
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  3. Ah, not entirely sure. I've logged off for tonight, I'll be sure to check and tell you tomorrow :D
  4. Darkflow215 was last seen on smp1 and has a res there so... im guessing smp9 smp1
    And most importantly welcome :D
  5. Welcome to EMC, flow!
  6. thank you very much!
  7. Welcome to the Empire:)
  8. Welcome to the Empire Flow!
    So, what do you like to do best in minecraft? Mine? Build? Economy?

    If ya like to mine, tomorrow is Friday, and most likely going to be another Friday Night Miners event, so hope to see you there! (basically a decently large number of players run out into the wastelands to mine an area, which has since turned a little bit into a small town build above, along with huge amounts of mining below)
  9. Aha! We have ensnared you in our trap! Don't try to run away on us, we'll send our tracking squids after you.
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  10. Welcome to EMC! Don't listen to BlackKnight, he likes to scare the new people.
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  11. Welcome to the Empire!
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  12. I love to mine and build! I'll be looking forward to the Friday Night Miner's event, and I'll be sure to bring my best pickaxe! :D
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  13. :eek: oh noes! not the tracking squids!
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  14. Also, here's what I've been building:

    not much of a house right now:
    View attachment 34906

    needing tons of stone brick slabs for the floor of the outside bit. and theyre slabs and not full blocks because i dont want snow everywhere.
    and i even have a pet sheep!
  15. i cant seem to post any more images for some reason, so my coords are -10140, 104, 139 if you'd liek to pay me a visit. my "house" is where you'll find the brick slabs partially in midair, and a little river-like thing (which is how you get up there, though it's difficult and i plan on putting in a ladder soon, once i got to the wastelands to get wood)
  16. Even more important, bring a few fire resistance potions in case you hit some lava!
    oh, oh, oh, oh, stayin alive....stayin alive.... :p