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  1. I just wanted to say that that Dark-liz's post on the forums have helped me innmesly and i just wanted to say that think that liz should be a mod. Just my 2-cents
  2. Dark_Liz was even a senior mod a little while ago ^^ So it must be personal reasons or something that he is not a mod now. But I agree his post were awesome! :)
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  3. oh im new the empire so.
  4. Dark_Liz used to be a mod, then at one point a few senior mods became not mods anymore, Ismooch, Crazy1080. Crazy and Ismooch are back to mod status. I didnt know Liz had stopped being a mod
  5. since when was dark liz not a mod????
  6. Um, Dark_Liz is a she?
  7. Dark_Liz doesn't disclose if he/she is a he/she. Liz prefers to be referred to as a human, not a specific gender.
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  8. I just assumed from Liz that Dark_Liz was a she
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  9. ISMOOCH and Crazy1080 were not senior mods at any point. They both stepped down to give some cool-off time after some drama. Dark_Liz resigned from our team as they felt it was time to move on to other things, as did AusQB; the senior mod that preceded shaunwhite1982.
  10. oh :( at least it gives others a chance!
  11. Oh, Sorry was wrong
  12. As awesome as iSmooch and I are, neither of us are as awesome as the Senior Staff (though I was admittedly more popular than Shaun :eek:) and since we're not as awesome as Senior Staff it'd be wrong to assume we were ever Senior Staff. Because they are way cooler than us.
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  13. i unno.... i am pretty darn awesome :p #concieted
  14. Dark_Liz decided to take a break from MC. We removed the "Senior Staff" title to avoid confusion, and so no one would send messages. Dark_Liz was a huge help to the success of the Empire, and will always be a part of our heritage, creating and planning things such as the new user tutorial and EMC Amusement park (among other things).
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  15. Avoiding pronouns is fun.
  16. I looked it up, and just found she joined the empire at the beginning. Very nice to know, as she was a great help to me :)
  17. My theory is that the ranks of senior staff can only contain so much awesomeness without exploding. While it could barely handle both Shaun and Liz at the same time, it was pushed to a bursting point with Shaun and ICC which is the real reason Jeremy retired his old moniker and promoted himself as ICC. Just one Crazy or Smoochy solo would push the fragile walls of senior staff way beyond their engineered limits. The consequences would be dire.
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  18. BARTENDER.. I want what he's having! :D
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  19. I'm having my own special blend of raspberry flavored black tea and lapsang souchong black tea with a little lemon juice and honey. No alcohol, though... sorry.
  20. That be ok too from the sound of it.