Dark Souls

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  1. Anybody else out there love getting their ass handed to them on a frequent basis? :p
  2. What's this about? I've heard a bit about it, but haven't played.
  3. It's basically an RPG that takes itself extremely seriously, very similar to an old school gaming experience. Boss fights take patience, and trial and error (or a nice google search ;))

    Even the most simple enemies that take two hits to kill use the same weapons as you so you can die very easily against low tier opponents. Every fight requires some patience. The catch to the game is, the games money and XP are in the form of "souls" from killing people, you use these to upgrade your skills, buy new armor, weapons, etc. If you die, you lose all your souls, back to zero. In order to recover these souls you must get back to your body, but if you die along the way, your souls are gone forever, basically starting from scratch again. It's all about the grind of leveling up and learning tactics to get past enemies.

    I'd recommend trying Demon's Souls, but Dark Souls improves on it in so many ways.
  4. seeing as i am not a sony fanboy at all if i want to play this i will play dark souls as if im not mistaken it is on the xbox!
  5. I absolutely love this game. I've beaten it twice going for the third and have literally dropped everything to finish it. If anyone needs help HMU.