Dam...Thats EPIC!

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  1. So I was stolling along finding some glowstone and I spot this...Nice Work :D I Name It the "Netherman"
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  2. Wait wha? Is this in a protected zone?
  3. We have easter eggs like this in many of the new spawns (including outposts) ;) Some are very hard to find, and some are more than they seem
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  4. if it was how did he build it? ;o
  5. so you built this?!? :O I didn't know there were spawn easter eggs! :eek:
  6. I will post the pictures of some later, but not what spawn they are or how to get to them :)
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  7. You can mine these?!?! If you can I would like to take those delicious diamond blocks! :D
  8. No, this is just to add some cool stuff to the Empire, these are only added in protected zones. ;)
  9. Lol ok, I want to give a hint on a easter egg under the most expensive shop in EMC... I said too much... Justin terminate me now before John Connor kills me for exposing the secret!
  10. That secret is more fun when u have an ender pearl to throw lol
  11. Haxxxxxxsor ;)
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  12. Well, it's time for me to go Ender pearl shopping :D
  13. Well now i have something to keep me occupied on EMC.:) I cant wait to find these easter eggs.
  14. Easter eggs I get, but what i don't get, with a tongue in cheek way :p

    How can you call it an Easter Egg when it looks more like a snowman :)

    Before anyone flames me, its as a stated a "tongue in cheek" comment :)
  15. Easter Eggs refer to surprises, and some cool things to find. ;)
  16. it failed :( lol
  17. btw the snow one you can get in and see the 'surprise', but i couldnt find a way out and since its in a protective zone, you cant die or destroy blocks...just word of caution...
  18. :eek:
    Are u trying to create new nether golem?
  19. Nice work justin on Smp5 , Wild , West Outpost. Wasn't expecting the location it was at, and the quotes are awesome.
  20. You can /town /home /wild etc :)