Daily Rupee Bonus Missing

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  1. I am not sure where to post this. I am not sure if this is a bug or a change. However, I am a diamond member and yesterday and today, I have not gotten my 1300 Daily Sign-In bonus. I didn't know if this were EULA related, but the messages say compliance is set for Sept 1st. Thanks.
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  3. Same here, and no Utopia sign-in bonus (which will be the replacement, I think).

    Also, yesterday I bid on a wool auction.
    I no longer see the auction thread, and I no longer see it in my watched threads, end even "my content" does not show the bid.

    It seems this site lost a few hours history due to some error ???
  4. I don't seem to have a daily bonus today either - perhaps everyone is having this problem then :confused:
  5. It was invalid and it was deleted, but I went ahead and undeleted it and locked instead
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  6. Thanks Alex.

    Also, what is a "Bpnus" (thread title) :)
  7. It is posible that you already get your rupees, but earlyer (how ever you type that.)

    I got that sometimes.
  8. A Bpnus is a uncommon kind of typo, which in with the author is most likely referring to 'bonus'. The extra or reward that someone receives for taking an a certain action to be eligible to receive the so called reward.

    tl;dr. I fixed the typo :p
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  9. Sometimes I have noticed the bonus paid twice within a 24hr period then it misses the next day, but in this case, I too am into my third day - I'm sure we will know the answer soon :)
  10. You can get rupees bonus every 20 hour ;)
  11. No I didn't get it earlier. I checked the rupee history page and no rupee bonus is recorded for sign-in bonus for today or yesterday. Thanks for everyone's reply. Hopefully this is getting fixed.
  12. The daily sign-in bonus?
  13. yupyup
  14. No daily bonus for me either.
  15. I did get my rupees bonus
  16. Daily bonus came through today. Yeah! Didn't get the prior two days though.
  17. Yep, Aikar fixed it :) Message Snr staff and they should be able to compensate
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  18. Just a thought, but instead of hundreds of PM's and manual reimbursements, how about just add something to the Labor Day promo ?