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Is there a bug on daily bonus, at the moment?

Yes 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello, I am having an issue. I am not getting my daily bonus for my diamond supporter which is 1,300 rupees a day, I bereave. Is there a bug that is not giving us our daily bonus?
  2. I did not receive my daily bonus today either (when I checked earlier at least, when I should had got it). I know a few others had this problem so there may still be something wrong with it.
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  3. l Are they going to make up supporter's lost rupees, because that would suck if we didn't.
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  4. We have not had verdict on what is happening yet, I am not quite sure what has happened.
    Also, this may had just been a typo, but it is 1,300 rupees rather than 13,000 rupees (probably a typo). :)
  5. i did not get my daily bonus from today or yesterday. which is only 1,300 not 13,000 :p
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  6. i guess it has started then.
  7. sadness </3
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  8. No this was a bug, which seems to of dealt with the timing of your last login and in theory should of been happening for a long time.

    working on a fix to the process but i think i fixed it for tonights run on a basic level, but improving the code to be better in general.
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  9. I haven't been getting my daily bonus, either. It doesn't matter now, I lost my Gold upgrade.
  10. and to explain the issue, the code looks for "did you login less than 24 hrs ago", if not, give you rupees.

    The problem is if you log in past 10 PM Eastern (When this script runs), you now fall into the "have logged in the past 24 hrs" for the next night, however the in game check that is meant to give it to you for logging in bases on midnight!

    So this creates an opportunity to miss the bonus if you logged in that 2 hr window and not before for the day.

    I have updated it to run the script at midnight so its in sync.
  11. Okay, yes that was a typo, all good now. :)
  12. Are you going
    Are you going to add what people missed of their supporter bonus?
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  13. I looked over my rupee history again, and it turns out I only missed 3 bonuses, and it might have just been from logging on within 24 hours of the next bonus I was supposed to get.
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  14. I have not gotten my bonus since Sunday.
  15. Ok found a bug in some new code changes that is the cause of this, pushing update in a bit.
  16. Are you going to give rupees that where not given to those who didn't get them like me since Sunday. That is 3,900 rupees.
  17. I don't think it's possible to do automatically (easily), but I don't see why you can't be compensated if you message Senior Staff