Daheck? Opening to the void? NOT A CHUNK ERROR!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by killerzone, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I was derping around in the wilderness and fell into a cave, and then I explored it abit and found a hole to the void, I thought it was a chunk error and jumped in, and I fell thru the void and died :confused:

    Does anyone know what this is?

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  2. This happens occasionally, and this has happened in the town before. Legryff used to have a skydive into the void, but being as were in the town it is an infinite fall because you cant die.:confused:
  3. Hmm weird, this was in wild tho. And I havent ever seen this before on any servers :eek:
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  4. Like I said, it can happen. Now that I think about it, I remember seeing this on my friend's little brothers world. It was extremely odd... Very cool though.
  5. It's called a end hole
  6. actually this may not be a end hole
  7. A new place for a wild camp! :D
  8. Lol, made me laugh, but yes the is just a bug.
  9. it was probaly just a chunck taking too long to load, also it could have been the map had an error, do u have the cords, and the server it was on, see if anyone has the same problem.
  10. no, this is caused by me.
    When I manually repair the wild, bad things like this can happen sometimes.

    where is it so I can fix it?
  11. I'm suprised nobody has blamed you yet Aikar.
  12. Did he mention he lost a full inventory of diamond blocks ;P (sarcasm)
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  13. LOL this happened to me :p i was falling and i quit disconnected and then i joined again and the void was gone ....
  14. oh I didnt see replies :p

    I will send you coords when I get online :)
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  15. I had 132432432diamonds :p
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  16. Sorry to be a kill joy but you can't possibly hold that many diamonds. There are 36 inventory slots and 36*64 is
    2304 :p Haha just kidding but it's true :)
  17. Did you know 64 diamond blocks give 576 diamonds? And 576 * 36 = 132432432 I learned this in Math class, I only got a D- On my report card! :D
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  18. :confused: Crap
  19. Wait a sec... These are still lies... That'd be 20736
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