Dagu Ranch Blue Sign Side Walk Sale!

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  1. Hi guys, I'm just posting to let EMC Residence know that I will be dropping a couple of my stuff that I am selling at the Side Walk of my Ranch at /v 2513 on the smp1 server on EMC. I’m not here to compete with the Malls or the well known shops. I just want to earn some Rupees for the stuff I grow and make at my little Ranch. Some examples of the Items that I will drop the price on are like Pumpkin, Melon and wheat seeds stack for 50 Rupees. Nether Warts and Cocoa Beans stacks are also 50 Rupees. More drops will be added in the near future. I’m just a Panda trying earn a little cash here and there.
  2. I just updated some of my prices on my Little Side Walk Sale at Dagu Ranch RES# 2513. Overstocked items are drastically marked down Like...

    64 Baked Potatoes for 8 rupees
    64 Cocoa Beans for 8 rupees
    64 Wheat Seeds for 8 rupees
    128 Eggs for 8 rupees
    128 Dirt for 1 rupee

    And many things that may tickle your fancy!

    I'm sorry my tree saplings always running out, but they seem to be in high demand and keep with people constantly buying them. I will fill them up again as soon as i chop the new trees down. Once again I thank you for your patience loyal shoppers. :)