DA Heckkkk?

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  1. I think Eyecar broke the res' on SMP2 to all have me name in it :p
  2. It's known that you can change the entrance / exit message for the res to whatever - including putting -5th or -(number)th as you've done there.
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  3. A wild tomato appears. He uses change res message. It was not very effective...
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  4. I don't have a res on smp2. Yet I seem to have one O.O
  5. Someone else changed the res message.
  6. Obviously.... :p
  7. /res message enter Welcome %Username%'s-5th Residence
    /res message leave Leaving %Username%'s-5th Residence
  8. I thought it was %player?
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  9. It is. Too much time in group policy manager. It's blending together.
  10. Did I confuse you?
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