D-Day 70th anniversary.

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  1. Hey guys.
    As probably many of you have seen, my avatar has been something related to the 70th anniversary of D-day. Most of you know that it was an invasion by the Allies, which later paved the way to end the 2nd world war. As i heard on the news many people are going to different beaches that were part of the Invasion of Normandy.
    Just thought it would be nice to say to you guys, because it should never be forgotten.
    A good video from CNN
    And also I made a Juno Beach scene from D-day on my 4th res, Smp5.
  2. Thanks for this buddy, They shall never be forgotten.
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  3. Truly Amazing Lucky... Lest We Forget!
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  4. Jim Martin was one of the paratroopers who parachuted into Normandy. Today, for the 70th anniversary celebration, he will be jumping from a plane like he did on that day in the same gear that he wore, as seen above.
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  5. They are also doing a flyby with some of the original men who flew in the 101st airborne division, if I remember right.
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  6. It's such a sad moment to me but proves how brave humans really can be...

    But on a WWII note, a couple of days ago the 8th grade class got a truely inspiring presentation. We were spoken to by a Jewish lady who actually was in a concentration camp and an army medic who was at the D-Day invasion. It really was amazing to see them up there on a mic recalling a story from 80 years ago...

    The veteran was traumatised for 30 years...
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  7. Not necessarily an 'invasion'... more like taking back what was ours ;)

    Basically, for people that didn't know (and I just felt like writing this :p);
    The Nazis invaded and made France a part of their relatively small Empire (technically the empire that destroyed the largest empire of all time, the British Empire :p) in 1940, and eventually began beating the British. They then began to invade Russia in 1941 (I think anyway) but due to poor execution they got pushed back, and the British, Canada, and the US (and probably a few other countries too :p) thought it be best to invade from the side and stuff. So they organized a thing called D-Day, which was the codename for a mission to take back France in 1944. It was done with success and was one of the many battles that won the war :D

    Also I reccomend watching Saving Private Ryan. Its a good movie and the first half an hour takes place at D-Day. Also; Medal Of Honor: Frontline does the same :3
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  8. The Nazi empire was anything but small.
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  9. Hardly Small Y Do You Think It Took Them So Long To Win If It Was A Small Empire!
  10. Its still small for Empire standards :p The British Empire, Mongol Empire, Russian and Spanish Empire (I know for sure that the British Empire survived until 1945 - not sure about the Spanish/Russian Empire. I do know, however, that the Soviet Union was around during the 1940's, sooo... :p) were alot bigger. Hell, its not even in the top 20 :p

    A map of Nazi Germany; (they only held most of Europe and three countries in Africa, which tbh, isn't that big :p)

    P.S; I applaud Switzerland for staying neutral in the war when everyone around them could attack them at any moment :p At that point in the war only the UK wasn't under Nazi control and that was only because it could call troops in from basically anywhere in the world xD
    Because the Nazis weren't afraid to use brute force; and let's be honest, they had an extremely smart leader. He wasn't smart enough to bomb Britain properly and not expect much retaliation like, but...you know...

    Pew Pew. Die Hitler die?
  11. He killed himself, his wife, and his dog...
  12. That first one isn't exactly true. Nobody knows how he died.
  13. Suicide
  14. Again, nobody knows how he died. While it probably was a suicide, nobody can ever know for sure as his body was burned.
  15. As you said Soul, people dont know how he died. There were things said about a group of Russian Soldiers finding his grave, and there are others about how he may have flown to another country.
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  16. *may have been burned :p