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  1. (If this thread is already a thing, sue me; the forum search bug is still there and I can't tell :p)

    So yeah. Talk about D&D, share pics of your dice sets, share funny stories about D&D, talk about funny characters you've RPed. Have fun. The only rule is that the discussion should be about D&D. :)
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  2. Alright, so
    I play a 5e campaign with a group of friends (or at least I did, there hasn't been a session in months </3) in which I play as a High Elf Sorcerer. I'm my party's resident glass cannon (I have 30 HP at level 11, that's what I get for rolling for health with a D6 hit die lmao), and during fights, I have repeatedly done ~150 damage over the course of three turns.

    Towards the beginning of our campaign, we were trying to get to some swamp castle to meet the dragon in charge in order to get him a mask, a ring, and a cursed book of spells so that he would help us find some sketchy characters and we weren't going to deal with whatever evil he ended up doing with those things and in order to get there, we had to cross a field of mushrooms. One of our archers had fired an arrow into the field, and the mushroom that it struck exploded into a cloud of toxic spores while giving off a sound that sounded like a scream. The way we ended up getting past the field was by tying a giant plank to our dwarf (think tire sled workout style) and having her run through the field. Since dwarves have resistance to poison, the spores wouldn't do anything to her, and the plank would clear a path through the field so the rest of the party could walk through. However, each of the mushrooms screamed as they exploded, and the two party members who failed their con saving throws (myself being one of them) was traumatized by the sound of thousands of mushrooms dying, and ever since, have been deathly afraid of mushrooms.
  3. That's the best ever hahahhaa
    (Like, scared of mushrooms as in someone could wave a 'shroom in front of their face and they run away screaming? :p)
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  4. Yes, that's exactly what would happen. :p
  5. Never played this but I might be wiling to try it after all Big Bang Theory kinda makes it look fun.
  6. It's probably 20 bucks to start, since all the rulebooks can be found online, and the only other two components are a story (you can make it up) and dice. Dice are the main cost.
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  7. what is D&D?