Cyber Patriots!

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Heard of it?

Yes 1 vote(s) 11.1%
No 7 vote(s) 77.8%
Heck, I'm IN it! 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Hey guys I was wondering if any of you have heard of Cyber Patriots, an International High School Cyber Defense Competition. Last year my school won nationals, and its my first year. I was just wondering if you had heard of it. Its really cool, and you even get like $100,000 worth of free microsoft software downloads & keys.
  2. If I can get £625 a year from it, i'd like to enroll. However, i've never heard of it and my school focuses on Math & English rather than ICT etc.
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  3. Its just an after school club, not a class or anything. At our school theres just like 20 students and one teacher, the teacher is just there because someone has to be in the classroom and register us.
  4. HA! My school has over 5,000 pupils. 1,000 people in each year. However, there's a new school that's closer and smaller so everybody in my year is moving there. It also has around 800 classrooms, a library, a sixth form/college study area, 2 dinner halls, a dinner corridor and 2 kitchens. It also has one office for the head, some person who handles the school's money's office, a teacher's office who does accident forms, and all of the head of subject's offices.

    It's a big school, and is the biggest school in my town.

    It also has the best GCSE results in my town, and the teachers are awfully strict.
  5. I want to do this maybe, sounds cool.
  6. My school is baout 1200 students... not 20...
  7. My school has between 500-1000 students.
  8. what website?
    OOhhh you mean the cyber patriots website.
    Sorry I was booting up the ol' HDD
  9. haha. ya,
  10. Hah my school has 800 students. We were so good at football (state champs twice in three years) that PIAA moved us up from AA to AAAA, so we're playing schools with 4000+ students when we barely have 800... Not really fair if you ask me, at least we're still 4-2. 16-0 last year.
  11. The University I went to had something called MSDN Academic Alliance or something like that... so every student who wanted to, could just sign up for that (I did) and get pretty much all Microsoft Software for free through that agreement. :p Windows (all versions, including server), Office, Visual Studio, etc. The list was a mile long. I'm not sure such a thing exists for high schools, though.
  12. You are unlucky. My school focuses on everything but math and english are still quite high. But ICT is very supported. :)
  13. Thats the same thing microsoft gives us :) MSDN Dreamspark Air Force Alliance
  14. Had a practice competition today! pwned it
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  15. This is a video explaining it, and has my school and team last year being announced as the national winners: