Cyanide & Happiness Fans

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  1. So I have been a Cyanide & Happiness fan since 2011, and I just wanted to know how many of you like the show.

    Also here is my favourtie video of Cyanide & Happiness.

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  2. *doesnt own the cyanide & happiness book or the icecream and sadness book*
  3. I love cyanide and happiness but I don't think it's appropriate for EMC community, I don't want to be the rule police here but I wanna keep this PG. Some cyanide and Happiness is pretty heavy on language. But that one is pretty good, but my favorite was "Don't do it".
  4. I agree with him on the "keeping it PG."
    However, I do love the "Junk Mail." It's hilarious.
  5. I've been following Cyanide and Happiness since around 2006. Love their stuff, though I do have a twisted sense of humor, and that really helps to get their comics lol.

    My favorite video is Speed Racist. "Oh God! Why did it have to be Chim Chim?!? He used to swing from the trees, but now he BURNS!"