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Is opening the shop a good idea?

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Yes 10 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Lun4's Skin Shop

    Currenty busy, but feel free to order.

    Hey all! As some of you may know, i own a skin making business, but i decided to publicize it.
    so here it is!

    Prices: Currently free, 1 free demo remaining.

    Want to order? Order formats go as follows:

    (What the skin is of i.e. enderman)
    (link or picture)
    (payment total in Rupees)

  2. We currently have some generous donors! Thestar19 has offered 1000 for a good skin :) This is also a bump so that the thread doesnt dissappear onto the second page :p
  3. There are plenty of demos left. Do you have a picture of a ghast too? I could easily look it up, but if you do, that would be great.
  4. Im working on it now!
  5. Thanks a lot man! Its gonna be awesome i bet.
  6. (Name)
    (What the skin is of i.e. enderman)
    (link or picture)
    (payment total in Rupees)

    Diamond ore body, lava head with diamond gem eyes
    I have no picture, because honestly i want this to be really original.
    Even though there are demos left, if I love it, which I'm sure I will, I will pay 150r
  7. When i say picture, i mean like real life people not minecraft. Ill do my best! I will, unfortuanately put you on hold for now, though, because Thestar has recently ordered a skin.
  8. Also, I will NOT be accepting anymore requests, I have two ongoing already. When you post, dont expect me to reply. its the last day of the weekend, so after today, I will not work much on the skins. Thanks to those who purchased!
  9. Okay thnks this is going to be an awesome skin!
  10. Um how do i use it?

    EDIT: ITs amazing by the way
  11. Yeah, I know. PThagaard had lots of people ask him where he got his skin from... Lol who would guess it would be me? Enjoy your skin Terr!
  12. So do you know how to put it actually on?
  13. Yeah, go to your account on, from there press upload and select this skin.
  14. Okay thanks
  15. Hey all. My skin editor (I use MCSkinedit) is not opening properly. When i double click to open it, it doesnt do anything. Plz help, ive got two requests on hold!
  16. Since I received no help, I cant continue. Sorry to all who ordered a skin who wont get one. Ill close till Saturday. I hope to get skinedit working by then. Feel free to wait the week through, but I suggest turning to others for your skins. My Skin editor isnt reliable enough.
  17. I got skinedit working! :) yay! So... it is during the school week, so i wont get much done, but at least i can work on it!