Custom skin contest (5k)

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  1. I am holding a contest for someone to build me a custom skin. The winner will get 5k! I don't have much of a preference as to what it looks like. I would love if you could incorporate some of my favorite things such as: Magic: The gathering, Tekkit, minecraft, Halo, Assassins creed and coca cola. Not everything has to be included, but if you can pull it off I could could a good word into the contest owner (me).

    The contest will end at approximately 12:00 A.M. (eastern time) on November 11.

    Have Fun!
  2. People can enter more then once?
  3. Uhhh sure go ahead, i'll just pick the best skin, but i'll only pick one
  4. i tried this, and my outcome was HORRIBLE. good luck to everyone else
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  5. go ahead and post it here, its possible no one else will enter
  6. skin_2012110615240694121.png lol i tried my best this was just something i just went like eh to but o well ill add others maybe
  7. I'll do it.
  8. Coke Assassin? I can do that
  9. Done! PM me and I'll send you the pic
  10. 3 days left!
  11. Congrats! You are the winner! payment will be received within the next 24 hours
  12. OH WAIT *FACEPALM* I forgot to post mine here! Oh god...
  13. Aw fooey I lost
  14. i'll still take it :p
  15. o snap i won? woah O.O

    Edit: oic i was the only one who posted lol
  16. Ok... Try to find it on imgur LOL