Custom + Original skin requests!

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  1. Hey, I decided to start taking skin requests because i'm bored :p
    Request something that fits into a basic colour scheme or atleast 16x. I find it easier to make 8x skins and keep them cool looking at the same time, but 16x is something I want to try out also.

    (Sorry for the tiny pic)

    That's basically an EXAMPLE of what I can do. Whipped it up in about a minute. I usually spend around an hour a day on a skin, but I haven't updated my skin since the last Alpha :p Do still make skins for my brother though.

    Anyways, request your design below! A relevant image would be nice too :)
  2. Hi um I want to request a skin so. Please accept me. I suck at making skins so PLEASE make my skin.

    I just want a cool skin. I really wish you
    accept this 'cause believe me, I am a sucker at this. So here it


    Gender: Male
    What It Is: Future High Tech
    Description: I wish it had heavy armor, a slot in the back, a cool
    mask, and I wish I wish the color is mixed like diamond and bedrock/stone. Also
    I want it to be like a future robot not like a person in a heavy armor machine.
    Don't like do stuff like human-like robots.

    I wish you listen to my request! Piece!
  3. Hi, I want this skin but it is for a skin pack so I can't get it. It is the one to the far right in this pic:aoC2K.jpg Could you make a version of this if possible?
    P.S. If you do it please email the skin to
  4. This thread was made in the year 2012, right now we are at the year 2013. And its been inactive for long time. So you just bump this old thread.
    I don't think he no longer accepts request.
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