[Custom Map] Floating Orb Escape (New version)

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  1. Some of you know my old Floating Orb map. Well, this one is harder, better, and longer.
    Note: if you spawn anywhere besides the orb, jump in the void.
    I added more redstone, more space, and more islands. In this, almost every objective is required in order to complete the map. I will add more objectives if I think of any.
    How the map works: You start (Or should start) in a bedrock sphere and you have limited resources in order to escape. If you notice any problems in the map, report them to me and I'll fix them as soon as possible. Download link is at the bottom of this post.

    2013-06-22_18.12.33.png 2013-06-22_18.12.43.png 2013-06-22_18.12.53.png 2013-06-22_18.13.03.png


    6/22/13 #01
    Made it possible to complete.
    6/22/13 #02
    Fixed spawning in creative.

    EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to post the download link.

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  2. I found a problem, when you start the map you are in creative and can't get out of it until you open to lan and enable cheats
  3. Is there a way to change the default game mode?
  4. The only thing I can think of would be to have the person spawn on a trip wire and have a command block to set the gamemode and another to teleport
  5. Well, I have no idea how to do that.
  6. Use mcedit to set the spawn point on trip wire
  7. I I wanted to LP this what would I have to put in the description also do you have a YouTube Channel?
  8. Description: I don't know. My YouTube channel is SaJCast.

    I changed it up a little bit so that you hopefully don't spawn in creative mode. Try re downloading it.
  9. Challenging map. I (kinda) made a farm, and made a cobblestone generator... Then I accidently turned it into obsidian.. Found all four bonus chests, luckily. But uh, what is the enderstone island for?

    Also, anyone playing the map better hope to god to get a sapling. I didn't get one and I couldn't find a way to finish the farm achivement, without using the wood to make the "proper materials" to get out. (Don't want to add any hints of spoilers)
    (P.S. Kinda cheated. ^.^ )
  10. Did you spawn in creative mode or did I fix the problem?
    EDIT: The end island did have a point, but I realized that what was hidden in it wasn't necessary to complete any objectives, so I removed the hidden item and kept the island.
  11. Got the map before you put out the supposed creative mode fix.. :p
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  12. After I fixed creative mode, I didn't test the map again so the problem may still be there and it may not be.
  13. Just downloaded and tried the map; It was in survival. I think you got it. ^.^
  14. Thanks for testing it for me.
  15. Ok I escaped the orb, I kept burning up In lava so I had to spawn in some stuff, Also Zombies were very annoying But overall very fun :D
  16. I put the zombies there so the map wouldn't be too easy.
  17. *waits to get on his new computer before downloading it*
    But i will play it!