[Custom L4D2] Kokiri Forest

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  1. OBAM Gaming has started a new series called Custom L4D2, where we will be playing custom mobs and maps on L4D2. Our first map is Kikori Forest (from Zelda). We played as velociraptors and it was amazing.

    This series has harsh language/topics from time to time, so viewer discretion is advised.

    This series features myself, Spiders, iSmooch (SassySmooch), and our friend RecklessDUSTIN.

  2. Haha ending of episode 2 is it alive?
  3. I enjoy these. \o3o/

    Sadly the Zelda fan in me is twitching and spazzing that it's Kokiri Forest instead of Kikori Forest :(
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  4. Oh derp! Didn't even notice any of that. I can fix that stuff though, xD
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  5. Haha! I didn't know if that was your doing or the Map Maker's. I was like "OK maybe it's like a twisted apocalyptic Kokiri forest and Link/You have traveled dimension/into the future?"
  6. All better. Will probably take a bit for the thumbnails to fix on the videos, but all is good now. Thanks for the heads up!
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