Custom Empire Texture Pack?

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Do you support an EmpirePack Texture Pack?

Yes! Love the idea. 9 vote(s) 47.4%
I support, but not adamantly. 6 vote(s) 31.6%
Nah, we're good. We don't need cool stuff. 4 vote(s) 21.1%
  1. This might be a really cool idea. A texture pack for all members of the Empire, so that nothing could possibly look ugly!

    I was inspired by this idea when I glanced over at a really "cool" residence, to find that it all looked pretty random. I switched back to the Minecraft basic texture pack, and the residence was suddenly a very nice spectacle. Maybe if we got a special "EmpirePack" Texture Pack this wouldn't ever happen, even though the occasion is rare. Maybe it'd be good for advertisement as well! A new/positive change is always welcome.

    I'm not all that skilled in the art of actually making a Texture Pack form scratch, but if there's anyone out there who is and would like some high notoriety, please step up!
  2. people like the default and the tex pack there using, the thing is some lots sre desinged for the default tex pack or the one there using. a costom tex pack for the server is a good a idea but it wouldnt fit in with the server. :rolleyes:
  3. I say that a sever texture pack would be a cool Idea. It could be made by the creators and we could vote on what texture need to be changed and witch one's stay.
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  4. well, justin has said he likes the default texture, not sure about jeremy though
  5. I've tried lots of texture packs even the HD ones, and I keep going back to the default. It looks the best, without any grain anomalies or texture distortions.
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  6. Yea, I am back to default myself... :)
    Jolliween was too drastic in the end.
  7. True the default looks the best now but if you keep looking I'm sure you'll find one you love and fits perfect for the game. for me it is the yogbox painterly, sadly it hasn't updated for 1.0 yet so I'm sticking with the default til then.
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  8. i'm sorry i know it was a joke but if you are goin to make a poll don't make it a biased poll....
  9. yet he still liked the idea in the vote... hmm...
  10. I try texture packs every now and then, but I always going running back to the default lol
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  11. i think that is a very common scenario. honestly i do the same, so maybe if one is created, maybe make it so things look more vibrant but are very similar to vanilla.
  12. I support the idea fully I think I might be able to find somebody to do the texture pack
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  13. though this is a nice idea for collaborative works, I personally like to use sphax purebdcraft, clean and rich(comic-bookish) with 16px(for those who fancy pixels and/or old computers) through 512px resolutions :)
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  14. A lot of mixed results. At least it's a possibility for the future, and could inspire other ideas.
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