Curthania gone?

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  1. Hello to every one that was following or building with our wild community.

    Well if you have been out to visit curthania as of late you notice nothing has been updated and a hell of a lot of griefing has happened.

    let me give you a little insight into our actions over the last two weeks

    After about 2 hours of work each day just repairing griefed areas we got sick of it, and after catching wind of some exciting new we made the choice that hurt me the most.


    That's right all our main builds just picked up and moved to a far, far away land. After hours and hours of exploration we found a suitable new home that we have since set up shop on and rebuilt from the dirt up, with lots of new tools in place and 1.4 in mind the move was for the best along side upcoming EMC update

    So Whats Happend to Curthania you might ask?

    well 90% of it has been left in tack, we removed 90% of all the rail systems and darkend the tunnles and to say the very least they are unsafe and unfit for travel, projects like my castle are left up and are planned on being darkend and modified for future explores who stuble upon it to see a cool sight.

    Watch and foillow me for a update on our new city to come, new forums,website and tons of screen shots of what there is to befits every one and of the building of the city.
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