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  1. Me and my roomate Tbone773 are using Trump Tower Dubai as a reference to build our own shop and hotel on SMP2. Some Rooms are finished as well as the shop. Still needs alot of structural work done, but its getting there. Always looking for people that sell stone or stone bricks :)
    Below is a view of the Shop: Along the walls ate teleporters to each room containing items for sale. shop.jpg
    Here is the current lobby. (most likely will receive facelift for better functionality. lobby.jpg
    This is one of the 2 available large rooms for rent. As of this post there are also 4 small rooms too. All contain a double chest,bed, work bench, and a furnace. Later, some units will have brewing stations and enchanters with various sized libraries. room.jpg

    Hope you enjoyed :) More to come when it is further complete!

    -R&T Trading Company
  2. Nice.
    If you want any kind of help with matterials just ask me for it, we can help you out a bit!
  3. Awesomness.
  4. This deserves a round of applause! *claps*
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  5. Great work