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Are current diamond prices to low?

yes 4 vote(s) 40.0%
no 6 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. Hey guys, I have created this thread to discuss current prices in game on emc,
    I have a shop on smp1 and I am forever having people say:
    "OMG your prices are so high"
    too my diamonds, gold etc.
    well its starting to annoy me because diamond prices as they are way too low in my mind,
    at my store I sell my diamonds for 44r each, which I still consider cheap.
    Now whenever someone complains about the prices I tell them:
    "Well not really, if you think about it, with a decent sugar cane farm, you can make a stack of emeralds way before you find some diamond ore in the wild, and emeralds are usually priced 20-25r
    so 64x20 = 1280, its ridiculous how some people think that diamond prices are high, they should be worth around 70-100.
    Let me know if you guys agree or disagree and what your opinions are?
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  2. It really is about supply and demand, though. If people are buying from you, then they have accepted your price. If they don't, they haven't. So if you're selling plenty of diamonds, I wouldn't worry too much about a few complaints. They're probably just trying to "trick" you into a better deal for themselves. :p
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  3. that is a good way to think about it, but I think all diamond prices should be raised, i for one am going to raise my diamond prices to 50r for this reason.
    but for diamond prices to rise, everyone who sells diamonds will have to do so else the effect will just collapse.
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  4. If everybody who sells diamonds get together and agree to raise their prices, that is what's known as a cartel. Besides, it would never work in a game, because it's beneficial for someone to have a lower price than others (as it gets them more customers) and unlike in the real world, going against a cartel has very little consequence.

    Prices will (would?) rise if the supply of diamond got sufficiently low, and the demand for diamonds got sufficiently high... that's really all there is to say about it, I think.
  5. or people coulg whored the dimaonds until everyones paynig alot for them and then sell them all for 60r, then if people choose to resell they will loose a lot of money which will help stop people going against the "cartel"
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  6. The diamond prices used to be around 50r. Then when a guy decided to duplicate 900,000r, worth of diamonds, the prices collapsed to around 30-35r. They pretty much stabilized in the middle of those two now.
  7. I havnt bought diamond in ages due to being 40-50r price witch is a high price.
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  8. but before that they where 30r i have heard around the forums,
    but doesn't that mean we should try and raise the prices?
    plus they are in high demand as alexchrod suggested?
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  9. as i have said in my first post diamond prices are far from high...
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  10. I wouldn't raise the prices. With your math with trading emeralds isn't what you should of based it on. I myself have never wasted emeralds on diamonds. If you find a good mining spot and take about 3 hours, you will probably have around 5 stacks of diamonds. (fortune 3 always helps) So like what was brought up before. It's all about supply and demand.
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  11. I have spent a whole week mining in a next top perfect spot and only found 2 stacks of diamonds,
    and also you say that I shouldn't have based it of emeralds, what is your suggestion to base it off?
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  12. Like I said, it was brought up before. Supply and demand. Even in the real world, watch the stock market, if something is in high demand the prices raise. Then when it dies away, the prices fall.
  13. I would say that diamonds are in a quite high demand in contrast to how many people are asking for them in chat.
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  14. On smp4, I rarely see anyone wanting to buy diamonds. But I myself feel like the prices for them currently are perfectly fine.
  15. are you a seller? (shop owner?)
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  16. I only sell what I have laying around, so a small one at 8465 on smp4.