Current Known Bugs [EMC/1.4.6 Update]

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  1. The 1.4.6 update included a MASSIVE update to EMC's core code.

    every single aspect of EMC was modified, Therefor many potential bugs.

    Well, there were quite a few, but most the big ones are now fixed.

    Here is the remaining known ( I could potentially know more but cant remember atm...):
    • Ignore lists are busted - Problem found, working on fixing and repairing the broken lists.
    • You can not sell to a shop that has no empty slots, even if there is a half stack - Fixed and ready to go out on next update
    • Vault can not be opened by people who have never opened the vault before - Fixed in code and will be in next update.
    Any "security/exploit" related bug will not be listed here -- If you know of one PM Me.

    If you know another non "security/exploit" related bug, post here.

    Now, today is Christmas Eve and I will be gone at family most of the day and tomorrow... So No ETA on when the fixes will land, but I might be able to get some in tonight.
  2. Have fun with your Family. And have a Merry Christmas!
  3. yay! but deathtomb could open it from smp9 but not smp2?
  4. Endermen will have their mouths open, but wont be angry at anyone.
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  5. when i made a thorns III chest plate with a enchanted book on a anvil it returned my chest plate and book with out enchanting the chest plate and using my exp up
    EDIT: i relogged and my exp was back
  6. If a chest is full with all stacks and 1 of 63 and i sell 1 item I cant do it?
  7. If I hold the item I'll sell and stand in front of the sign, it don't work. Holding no item or going a few blocks away works.