[Current Issue] 'Server is out of Date? What do I Do D:'

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  1. UPDATE: EMC is now 1.6.4, but has a special change that lets 1.6.2 clients still work. You may continue to use 1.6.2 so your mods still work, or you can use 1.6.4 if you wish.

    Hey, You must have your Minecraft client set to auto Update or 'Use Latest Version'.

    This is easy to fix.

    First Bring up the client

    You will get this screen:

    Then Click 'Edit Profile':

    You Should have this Pop Up:

    Click the Arrow next to 'Use Version':

    Then Choose '1.6.2' Then Save Profile in the bottom right

    Then Click the Play button!

    Hope this helps :).
  2. Glad to see someone knows how to use the launcher;)
  3. This launcher is amazing.. of all the bad things Mojang does, I love the launcher.
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  4. Agreed, its pretty easy and helpful if you know what your doing
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  5. I had problems with that hours ago and was so upset because I thought I wasn't able to get into EMC. But then I accidentally clicked on Edit Profile and saw the latest version, so I switched it. At least everyone should know what to do now. :)
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  6. Yup Agreed, plus you can install forge and forge mods with 2 clicks
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  7. Yeah, when I first tried to get onto EMC, it was in one of those lapses between the Minecraft update and Empire updating.
    I was incredibly confused for about 1 1/2 hours :p
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  8. Thank you. I'm sure this will prove useful.
  9. What changes does 1.6.4 contain?
  10. Yes, what is in 1.6.4? And why is it not on the list of updates?
  11. An anti-afk kicker for clients... a system to prepare some world gen for 1.7, and an exploit fix.

    It is on the list of updates.
  12. If you know how to use the launcher... It is the best thing....
  13. Yay. I knew how to do thus, But thanks ISMOOCH!
  14. Very true
  15. Are you mimicking me? I feel like I'm getting mimicked
  16. He is not using the Bold
  17. neither am I
  18. the launcher is easy to use....
  19. I like the launcher
  20. :mad:
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