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  1. I have thought about going on an smp that is not my home smp and living far out in the wild. Just curious what happens when the wilderness resets if I'm in it? Do my locked chests go away? Is it possible that I log on and I'm swimming in lava?
  2. When the wild resets you will probably get a early notice and the server will restart. Your locked chests will go away i believe.
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  3. The reset will wipe everything, including lock chests, but there will be ample advanced knowledge of this so you can move stuff to town while the reset happens (if it happens.) I cant guarantee it, but maybe Justin could provide full refund for [locked] items for the period leading up to reset so everyone can break down their locks before the reset.
    As far as what happens to players on reset, i am not sure, they may be reset back to spawn location, or they may remain at their old coordinates, i can ask Justin for these answers for you. :)
  4. We don't know for sure if there will be a reset though
  5. With a new biome there almost has to be one.
  6. That's why i mentioned the "if it happens" bit :p
    I know of someone over 50000 blocks away from spawn, it is a long journey at the best of times, and one that they hope to make not too often :)
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  7. If possible, I would like to suggest global vault access prior to a reset. If it happens.
  8. Lol, i just asked the same question to Justin. :)
    It may indeed be possible to enable global vault access and refund of full lock prices, will just have to see what is required when/if it gets closer to update time.
    Regarding players positions in the wild, they will remain at the same coordinates as prior to update, but if it means they will spawn into a solid block, they will be moved up to a 'safe' area. Bear in mind however that what the system deems as 'safe' could possibly be in water or lava i believe. So to be absolutely sure of safety i would probably recommend being in town for update. :)
    This is still a big IF of course, and a reset may not be required, but it is better to be safe then sorry.