Cupid Bundle [Open]

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  1. Items; I have the cupid itself, 5 stacks of cupid arrows, and the cupid bow. Note that there is no chest with this, I stupidly used it. Cupid hasn't been hatched, both arrows and bow are intact.

    Starting bid; 15,000

    Minimum bid increment; 1000

    Auction ending time; 17:00pm EMC time, February 16th. (Around 7 hours from the time this was posted). (This is 22:00pm GMT time, I am in England).

    Will set up an access chest on my residence, after I have proof of payment.
  2. Bid: 22,000 Rupees.
  3. Bid: 24,000 Rupees.
  4. Fendy, you ninja :p
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