Cuddly Sugar Cane Supply Service

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  1. I will be selling them by DC

    1 DC: 350 rupees each
    Pickup is 3600. or 10r more for each dc I deliver
    Lets hope this goes well.
    (You are allowed to buy up to 60 DCs each order)
  2. Are you willing to turn it into paper? I'd pay 100r more if you'd do that :3
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  3. Hmm. Paper will take a bit longer but yeah I can I guess. Will ed. Op
  4. 60 Dc's of paper please :D Delivered
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  5. Mkay will work on it. Should be done in maybe on saturday or less
  6. Sorry for taking forever, I did tons and toms of DCs for you already but starting Thursday I got sick for a while and then when I was better school started and now we have this huge project. So I will work my way around it by playing all night getting your order
  7. lol wtf you need that much paper for?!?! xP
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  8. She likes to troll me
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