Cuboiding moats, etc?

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  1. I know it was previously mentioned that this is a legitimate server and so moderators wont intervene to use their powers in a players build, but what about something as simple and asthetic as cuboiding a moat around someones residence if they've already dug out the trench but can't actually fill it with water due to the games mechanics?
  2. In fact, never mind, just realised how to get around it.

    Also, I thought water / lava used to spread four ways off a block? Or am I just imagining that?
  3. Why can't you fill with water? With an infinate spring you can fill any body of water. The best way is to put a 'shelf' in the moat so it is only 1 block deep at the top, fill with water and make it level and flat, then remove the 'shelf' and allow water to fill in the depth of the moat.

    Personally I have no issues whatsoever in helping players construct and build projects such as this, but if I help I am helping as another player, not as a moderator. It will be built the old fashioned way, with hard work and determination, not using moderator tools, and it always means more in the end because you can say you built it yourself, not with assistance of world building commands :)

    When placing the water or lava, the game looks for the closest point which drops down a level, and usually makes a path for that. If the drop point is further away then 7 for water, or 4 for lava, it will spread out in all directions. Hope this helps and makes sense :)
  4. Yes what Shaun said about how to get water to flow is correct, this is how I always do it.

    The staff doesn't even have access to tools such as WE cuboids. It is this way to keep from being tempted and keep the community as legit as possible :)
  5. Only lava goes 4, I think water goes about 8