CTX Inc Mall Skyscraper [12001]

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  1. CTX Inc MegaMall

    Greetings all,
    Today, Friday the 13th, 2014, ground broke for what will become my largest EMC project ever (outside of build team stuff of course).

    That project is rebuilding a previously designed and built skyscraper I made elsewhere, my mall skyscraper.

    Project Status
    Stage 1: Materials Collection - Started 3/17/2014 [COMPLETE]
    This project is massive, and requires an enormous quantity of materials, both cheap and expensive. Material gathering to be done by me, with minor help from any donations made. Additional materials donated after initial collection will go towards the shop's stock once open.

    Stage 2: Construction - Started 6/13/2014 [COMPLETE]

    It took two months to collect all the needed materials, and will likely take twice that to build, depending on available time, motivation, etc. Due to the size of this project and inability to fly, extra time will be needed for this step.

    Construction progress: All above and below ground structures completed. Adding finishing touches & details prior to furnishing & stocking.
    Stage 3: Shop Setup & Stocking [IN PROGRESS]
    This step will be the most expensive for myself, and may take a month or two. A megamall is designed to carry nearly every item in the game, and setting up the shop signs & stocking things is often not as easy as it appears. THE RES WILL BE CLOSED DURING SETUP. (to prevent people messing with shop signs before they're properly set up & tested)

    As I previously built this structure on another server (my friend's) I was able to use worldedit to precisely measure materials needed for construction and take additional measurements to ensure an exact replica. Here's a screenshot of it as previously constructed. Once complete on EMC it will look just like this. More pictures to come later.

    Project Stats & Info
    Here's some overly-detailed stats on what makes up this beast of a tower.
    Data listed with raw amount, followed by amount in stack format.
    Total Materials - 168,512 = 2,719 stacks
    STONE    11718    183+6
    SANDSTONE(SMOOTH)    40228    628+36
    SANDSTONESTAIRS    2098    32+50
    GLASSBLOCKS    14831    231+47
    GREYGLASSPANES    4294    67+6
    STONESLABS    26476    413+44
    IRONBARS    640    10
    REDSTONELAMPS    7004    109+28
    REDSTONEBLOCKS    4288    67
    STONEBRICK    490    8
    CHISLEDSTONEBRICK    4480    70
    OBSIDIAN    340    5+20
    ENDSTONE    350    5+30
    GOLDBLOCKS    140    2+12
    BEACONS    4    -
    STONEBRICKSTAIRS    200    3+16
    LIGHTSTONE    846    13+14
    BIRCHWOODPLANKS    460    7+12
    WHITE WOOL    1287    20+7
    BROWN WOOL    1287    20+7
    GREY WOOL    1287    20+7
    PURPLE WOOL    1287    20+7
    RED WOOL    1287    20+7
    PINK WOOL    1287    20+7
    ORANGE WOOL    1287    20+7
    LIMEGREEN WOOL    1287    20+7
    YELLOW WOOL    1287    20+7
    CYAN WOOL    1287    20+7
    GREEN WOOL    1287    20+7
    BLUE WOOL    1287    20+7
    SMOOTHQUARTZBLOCK    7580    118+28
    PILLARQUARTZBLOCK    15389    240+29
    CHISLEDQUARTZBLOCK    8954    140
    QUARTZSLAB    2226    34+50
    QUARTZSTAIRS    5314    83+2
    Structure Dimensions:
    Length+Width - 60x60
    Height - 163

    Estimated Cost of Raw Materials - 2,017,754 rupees

    Donation Info
    Pre-construction donations that awarded you a book are no longer being accepted! Those who donated up to this point will receive their book soon!
    Donations can be made on-site at 12001 or at the donation bin at my home on SMP2 (3178).

    Thanks for reading! In case you missed it, the project will be located at spawn on SMP6, on res 12001. The res will not be closed off to visitors during most of its construction, so feel free to stop on by!.
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  2. Oh my. That is very impressive - I wish you good luck with this goal and look forward to experiencing the final product!
  3. Can i just say i left a donation
  4. Or
    should i rename the item my name
    or put a book in

    This post continues to show progress made on the project, image taken at the end of the day on a day where work is done. Full image album documenting entire progress: http://imgur.com/a/wlch1#0
  6. Sounds cool I'll see it in the morning
  7. Construction for my project is finally complete! Only 4 people donated prior to this stage, and they have all received their limited edition thank-you books, with a 5th for myself for my book museum at 5037.

    Now comes the hard part! I'll be going around to 5 major malls and gathering up prices for most everything to base mine off of. Once this time consuming process is complete, shop setup begins. During this time the building will be closed until the mall opens.

    Until then, you can donate items directly to 12001 at the hopper, or at my home on SMP2 (3178). Thanks!

    As a final note, this will be the last post I make on this thread, after this a new one will be made in the products, businesses, & services section for my actual mall business.

    Now for some celebratory shader screenshots! Full album: http://imgur.com/a/ljOAm#0

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