CS:GO - 6,99€ & L4D2 - 4,99€ STEAM SALE!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Xandrow, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. The title says most of it. :D

    There is sale on STEAM now, so if you wanna save some money you should check it out! :D

    And oh no link because I didnt found this via webbrowser :p
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  2. I recently bought Tererria and Awesomenauts, for 3 euros both... :)
  3. I already have Terraria :D
    I used to play that more than minecraft when it first came out :D
  4. Used play Terraira all the time but after awhile gets kinda boring after getting high armor/weapons lol
    Only Game I play on stream now constantly is Stronghold Kingdoms, very addicting :p
  5. this is minecraft !
  6. No, this is Patrick.
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  7. I don't know how to play it lol, can we do co-op one time or something?
  8. Which one you talking about lol Terraira just like MC when comes to recipes have figure them out or find a wiki page and as for SK, it's simple to learn
  9. I like co-op, let's just do that...

  10. haha
  11. You need a server for Terraria :p
  12. This is Gaming section, duuh. And no this is a website
  13. Translation to US dollars please? I need to go buy a few games...
  14. One U.S Dollar = .76 Euro

    so 6.99 Euros = $9.15 & 4.99 Euros = $ 6.53

    might be off some but it's close :) and without tax include
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  15. Portal 2 is on sale too.
  16. I really wanna play counter strike. looks pretty good and looks good fun but my computer is to crappy to run it! It can just about cope with minecraft:(
    EDIT- However it does pass on L4D2 so might get that instead:)
  17. If you need some good games then check our steam sales if you have steam :)

    I saw there was 50/75% off..

    There was games to 3EURO aswell, it's worth checking out, even tho they are cheap they COULD be ALOOT of fun to play :D
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  18. See?!

    How the heck do you make a server than?
  19. dunno :p
  20. There is probly a tut on Terraria wiki :D