Cryptography Guild

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by fluffinator09, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Recently I have noticed an uptake in codes and such on the EMC community. I know these tend to be popular so I thought of this new group. Basically it's just a gathering of amateur cryptographers, such as myself. We will get together and write and break codes together. Here's the application:
    ! o. hdl yIXyaoy.sdwd mPi vsofX!p gpc. oeCeMsteou
    Hint: Rotate Cipher
    When you get it follow the instructions and your in!
    Also I know this is a terrible op I'll fix it once I get home from school tomorrow.
  2. Come on no ones interested?
  3. I would be, but I'm not quite good enough to figure it out. I tried with the ciphers I know (and found though Google) and I couldn't crack it. So I'm not fit for this outfit, lol. :p
  4. Well it's not your fault since I just realized I didn't paste in the whole code!!
    A new one will make it's presence known soon.