Cryengine anyone?

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  1. So I am getting people together for a project. I am going to start learning the CRYENGINE soon but I would like to start as soon as possible. I have an idea, most of the mechanics, a lot of gameplay, and various other mishmash already in my head.

    If you are interested, or have question please say below.
    (If you want to assist, leave CRYENGINE experience and how long you can work on the project each week.)
  2. I absolutely love CryENGINE, interested in seeing what you come up with. :)
  3. If I get a full team of Internet peoples I will release:
    - Name
    - Premise

    (I have so many things planned out, like marketing and features, but I NEED PEOPLE ARGH!)
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  4. So you're planning on developing a game then? I don't know much about CryEngine, but have you done any game development before?
  5. (A review from Steam [Almost all of the reviews say it's not recommended] )


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    I was really looking forward to the "New Cryengine" SDK and I'm really disappointing ;( I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news but this is basically the Free SDK with the PBR system added for the engine. I'm having the same old problems as the Free SDK the material editor will not displaying the materials and textures in the window correctly or at all only way to see it is in the scene.

    No official "new" FBX import pipeline like Unreal Engine 4 supports... you have to work through the Cryengine plugins. The biggest problem is there is a huge lack of quality documentation to learn the engine. They have upgraded their documentation a lot but it is still far from really getting down to learn how the engine works. There are no officially "demo" scenes or marketplace like unreal has to teach you how to makes games. The only two scenes included is an old Forest scene and a new Airport scene, no top down or 3rd person scenes to learn how they created the scenes... its really frustrating I mean just look at UE4 and what they have done! Digital Tutors has some tutorials but no official tutorials from Crytek or demo scene to learn how to use and create amazing games with the engine!

    Its really sad there is so much potential but its going take a long time before it even comes close to Unreal Engine 4's documentation and support. In my opinion the major engines to choose from to start creating your games asap and which are really future proof are still UE4 and or Unity4 & Unity5.
  6. I've done small bits here and there. Mainly stuff I'm the GECK for Fallout. (Granted that is a modding tool.)
    I'm hoping to use the Sandbox/free version. I will obtain the development license at a later date, assuming this even starts rolling.
  7. Sorry to put this down, as good as this sounds. I'd recommend starting out simple in Unity or something, and really learn how to develop good games. I've made the mistake of jumping right into advanced technologies,thinking I could do it, when really, there was no way on earth.
  8. Different people have different ways of learning new things. Some may have to jump into the higher levels to learn while some have to take it slow and learn gradually.
  9. The engine wants all of your monies, so yeah there are other engines like unity that free not like this one,but I don't know if the engine has a free version...
  10. I thought about Unity, but I really want to have amazing graphics on this game.
    This is how I learn quite a few things. :D
  11. Well, unity can do some good graphics if you know how...
  12. Another thing. As far as I am aware, Unity is primarily based for the development of mobile apps, not computer games, which this one will HAVE to be because buttons.

    I also have a friend who has some experience with CRYENGINE anyway.
  13. Unity is for computer games. It also has compilers of eMobile games, which were originally a paid feature, so they aren't it's primary focus.
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  14. And you doubted me! HA!

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  15. Ok, so I have joined a team. We had to switch our current project up because of conflicting games. So right now I am the main man for thinking of stuff (meaning I am being incredibly creative). I would like this to become my main focus, but for that I am in need of someone to replace me as a level designer. If you are interested in this please post below to let me know!
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