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  1. Hey everybody, i know i ve been away for quite a while, but im stil sick and i would apprecciate if you gave me a few excuses not to go to school... thats all thanks
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  2. Best excuse you can use:

    You're sick
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  3. my father needs a better one, but thanks
  4. How about not making everyone else sick?
  5. Not enough time left for that, thanks
  6. So you are saying that you made everyone at school sick and your dad sees no reason to keep you home now?
  7. Because you do not want to cough and vomit over everyone (that you are sick)?
  8. Sort of
  9. Just tell your Dad that you'll go to school and then ditch. If your Dad finds out later and questions you about it just give him a guilt trip saying that he didn't listen to you when you said you were sick so you did what you had to do.

    Bonus points if you can cry.
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  10. Great idea, but i dont know where to go for the 7-6 hours i should be in there, thanks i ll use it later
  11. does your Dad leave the house? you can always just go back once he's gone. If he stays home then go to a movie theater and sneak into consecutive movies all day til the schoolday is done. That's what I used to do.
  12. he does stay all day, usually he s home for a week then out to work for a week thus leaving me alone , nearest cinema is 50 miles away
  13. This is a mad idea. Bad idea in total. Ditching is illegal. If he won't let you stay home, get sick at school or at the nurses office. They will have your dad come pick you up. In general, try to muscle through it.
  14. make a time machine!
  15. ditching is illegal? What country do you live in?
  16. True ditching is illegal. If a kid skips school without anyones consent, it is breaking the law.
  17. Truancy is illegal in the UK, you can be held for a set amount of time (not arrested) if they catch you, and it's a £50 fine for the parents, doubling each time.
  18. Well here in the United States of 'Merica, ditching is a rite of passage. It definitely isn't illegal and even if it was you would run from the cops.
  19. It's insane to think that ditching would be illegal. Does that mean enrolling and going to school is a legal requirement for everyone? What if you just want to grow up dumb?
  20. Think of it this way:
    school is required to go to. that is a law
    Ditching school is technically "breaking the law" due to it isn't a excused absence (most generally give a detention or a suspension but ditching school can give fines in America)
    I would suggest toughing it out and just drink a TON of water at school (trust me water works)
    when your father finds out that your sick they will tell him to pick you up.
    tada no law breaking and no excuses!
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