Cross server private messages

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by louiskw, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Just saying: being able to pm people on smp1 while playing on smp9 would be a great feature.
    Personally I have friends who play on different servers and having to /p lookup and then log out and log in seems impractical.
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  2. Gravity seems impractical also, but we live with it. Most of us don't even question it.
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  3. Well....I questioned it :p
  4. I don't think this wil work, and it is very difficult to get it done...
  5. Not really, It's very possible to code. The problem is DOES THE COMMUNITY WANT IT ENOUGH.
  6. They should have it, but for gold / Diamond members only, also private custom chat channels would be great too,

    Then so would a New Ferrari
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  7. Nooo not for Gold and Diamond! What would that achieve: everyone has friends on different servers. The chat channels with multiple people is a great idea though

    EDIT: also gold supporters wouldnt be able to talk to their non supporter friends
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  8. Another perk for supporters :)
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  9. But what if a supporter wanted to talk to his non supporter friend?
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  10. Let just not do that...
  11. Then he should go over to there server.
  12. Defeating the point of my whole suggestion
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  13. You can still talk to your supporter friends.
  14. But that isn't working out reallymgood, because the point of thenidea wasmto let everyone talkcross-server with anyone...
  15. I guess
  16. I don't understand that..
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  17. One thing, I can't type on the iPad... :p
    And the whole poiny of this was to let everyone talk to everyone cross-sever, so the non-supporters to.
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  18. Any idea how much resources that uses?, If it was for non supporters you'd have to pay 10 rupees to message someone.
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  19. Are you talking about the lagggggg it would cause?
  20. No, I'm talking about how much bandwith that would use, It would be worse then the vault.