Cross Server Enderchest

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  1. i think you guys should add a cross server ender chest so that if you had something, say on smp9, and you wanted it in the end at smp3 then you would be able to get it.
    please reply if you like!
  2. We have a cross server vault, you can't use it in the wild, but I see your point.
  3. I like you train of mind just change it a little bit stick with the same principle. :)
  4. Although the issue is appareling, this feature would be abused.

    The point of the fronteer/wastelands is not only to be a source of resources but to add the survival aspect to the game.

    If you are out strip mining on SMP2 and live on SMP1 you could just /vault all your mined diamonds/stone/mobheads, relog to SMP1 and take them out of the vault, thus removing the danger of having to return to town.

    The same issue has occurred in enchanting, when I first started playing EMC your EXP was lost upon death (as in vanilla) making death a scary thing to come face to face too after collecting 50 levels at your newly made grinder some thousand blocks from the nearest outpost. Now you can spend 5 minuets at an Enderman grinder, collected the needed 30EXP and change servers to the needed location. Although this is useful it removes the survival aspect from the game, you get the idea?

    If your essentially Wilderness Vault were to be implemented then why not just have creative mode as well?

    Long story short, your idea will not be implemented I'm afraid.
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  5. This idea was proposed when 1.3 first came out, but as is obvious(by the lack of such a feature) the staff turned the idea down, mainly due to possible abuse.