Critter Casino Donations

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  1. Hello Everyone!!

    So I have made a Casino with pizzacallie, it s called the Critter Casino! We have put a lot of effort into this build and it has taken a long time to pull together! We are very close to opening the casino but we are low on resources!

    If you would be so kind and donate items and/or rupees for the casino that would be great!
    You can mail the items or put them in my mail box at /v +pig

    I will tell you guys some stuff thats in the casino...
    -DP for the grand opening
    -Connect 4
    -Gift Shop
    -Villager Trading
    and more!!

    Items needed:
    -Magma Cream
    -Seeds ( Wheat seeds )
    -Chicken Spawn Eggs
    -xp bottles
    -ANY items but dirt for the DP!

    Sadly pizzacallie might not be joining us when this opens ( a seperate thread will be for the opening which isnt up yet ) he has goen derelict but when he came back he didnt stay for long, he has been offline for 13 days. Hopefully he can make it!

    If you would like your head to be on the Casino's head wall just mail me your head, give it to me in person, or put it in my mail box!
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