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  1. What do you get when you add Creppa into Aikar's world? Thats easy! A Creikar!

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    Need MOAR images!

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  3. Aikar swallowed me and im popping out of his body for REVENGE!
  4. Where was this?
  5. Slime Town
  6. Looks like the wild, or LLO, or something like that.
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  8. Did you die from hunger? Lawl jks.
  9. true.jpg
  10. Actually, by Aikar eating me, I lived inside of him and got his food I ate, which was mod food and gave me nlimited powers...
  11. Seems fairly reasonable...
  12. Pronounced Cry-Car?
  13. Mhm lol
  14. I think I got over it. I can live with this....
  15. An achievement by yours truly.
  16. Thanks! Although... I haz took my laptop in Aikar's body and typed....
  17. So, the achievement is wrong because your still in there?
  18. Sometimes, I'm not really sure what is happening. This may be one of those times.
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  19. Me got eaten by Aikar when I tried to eat him. Ironic huh?
  20. Don't give him any ideas, now that he's an "official" emc developer... His ego might get so big that he will edit the server source code and change all food names to "Aikar."