Creepy T-Shirt contest!?

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  1. So, I like creepy stuff, also I like T-shirts with creepy drawings or words on the shirt.

    To participate you need: 1.Take a picture of your creepy T-shirt, and put it in the comments.
    2.Tell me how and why is creepy.
    3.Have fun!

    The participant of the creepiest picture will win 10k, and a secret chest full of ores!

    Also, NO PICTURES of creepy t-shirts of the INTERNET!

    So...yeah show me your creepy cloth...:D.

    This is my creepy t-shirt! (I needed to cut some parts to uploaded to this thread, but here is the creepy stuff of my shirt).

  2. Also! The contest will end in 9 days after this post! So hurry and show me your creepy shirt stuff!...

  3. This one isn't creepy, it's creepery.

  4. Why should I have to tell you why it is creepy? Honey badger don't give a s**t.
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  5. Honestly, the creepy-est shirt I can find is probably
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  6. i have a jonas brothers tshirt, it's grand. it's not creepy what so ever, but it's kinda creepy when you see a 14 year old male wear it out on the streets.
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  7. Bump, not happy with most of the entries ):
  8. Bump, i think i will cancel this contest, because their is not many good entries as I thought.