Creepy or Weird?

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  1. Ummmm are you sure that this is legal? I saw a story on the news tonight, and i guy was put in jail for 6 years for spying on webcams...
  2. Yeah it's legal and the website was put up with good intensions The point is to go on here then screenshot something that is strange/dangerous and post it to twitter to raise awareness so people know that they need to update their firmware.

    This is the first thing that it says on the paste bin:

    1. Please help denounce and raise awareness about this severe backdoor compromising lots of TRENDNet IP cam users, share this with IT security experts and opinion leaders.

    2. follow us on twitter @TRENDNetExposed, take and share screenshots that demonstrate the potential privacy threat and comment with hashtag #TRENDnetExposed

    3. --
  3. The website was like google maps with pins and you could click on the pins and see a webcam.

    It was up for a year until they decided to take it down but wiht a link to the pastebin.
  4. I am afraid to click on the links...
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  5. i knew about this awhile ago. i can thank the pringles wrapper over the top of my computer, i bent its shape so its fits on. no one be spying on me :p
  6. definitely creepy
  7. No comment.
  8. It's both creepy and weird...
  9. Im paranoid now..
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  10. And this is why i uninstall my laptops webcam driver:p
  11. This sounds illegal for invasion of privacy.