Creepy new adverts at top of site

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  1. Its like they know everything about me?! I'm feeling a bit paranoid now...
  2. The ads at the top see what websites you visit and use that to find ads you might be interested in.
  3. Yes it uses google adsense, the strange thing is, it shows ads for things that I have not searched for on google, and yet are relevant. A bit scary, like its reading my mind
  4. Well then apparently I am looking for a Russian bride and a Second Life account... lol
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  5. I've also found the Google AdSense to be perilously inaccurate. Not one time have I shown interest in getting a Mother's school loan.
  6. That's statistics. If they found that websites about flowers have 1.2% more visitors that like baseball than the global average, then you'll get more baseball ads after visiting a flowery website. Even if you don't even know how baseball works.
  7. Me too :)
  8. Don't lie, you know you were looking for a Russian bride ON your Second Life account. Lol
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  9. *hangs head in shame* *small voice* "You are correct..."
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  10. You guys at least get luck, google takes the time to read your mind. I just see domain adds :(
  11. mine is just dating sites for some reason
  12. I get ads for Zoosk and Chinese and Russian dating sites, and I'm not allowed on these sites, as of my age...
  13. *Japanese* :D
  14. LUCKY! :D
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  15. I'm not allowed to look - my girlfriends's Asian :p
  16. My wife looks Thai but she is Honduran :p Double win for me. :D
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