Creepiest Songs.

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  1. So this thread is about creepy songs with starnge random and creepy videos.

    Post any creepy videos you could like to show to the community and to me :D.

    Plz bring The Residents!!!
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  2. ^
    18 +

    I am scarred for life now.
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  3. Hehe, what is the matter?... You don't like eyeballs?...
  4. ...
    The nudity.
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  5. Maybe more funny than creepy, but strange nonetheless:

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  6. Yea. When I saw the video I was like " wat the f is that XD?!?!?"

  7. Happiest suicide song you will ever hear…
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  8. And then this one was unexpected:
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  9. Thats not that bad of a song. It might be about suicide but the song displays it as a light thing that does not matter and you can still fell happy singing it. Which does take the creepy factor away.
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  10. Everything Tom Waits writes.

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