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  1. I dont know you guys but creepers ALWAYS give me some good scares! :p Yesterday i was minning my own buisness and boom... I heard the typical "Ssssssss" and HOLY BANANAS! I turned around and there it was.... im using DokuCraft texture pack and those creepy bastards are UGLY haha!

    So... have u ever have an experience like that? How many times have u change ur pants LOL!
  2. The scariest Creeper is the one that sneaks up behind you without a noise... until... "sssSSSSSS *BOOM*"
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  3. Xactly I couldnt agree with u more XD! Also it kind of pisses me off when a creeper kills me in that way just after I finally harvest some nice Diamonds...... :(:(:(
  4. I was mining and a creeper walked up behind me. I heard a ssssssssssssss.. and turned, saw it and ran. Into a deadend and turned and saw it walking toward me. I walled off thedeadend so it couldn't get to me,and attacked. Two hits and boom. I started digging upwards because I was lost. I ran into someone else mine and thought safety. Sssssssssss. Crap. Blocked it off and ran. Then came the horrifying zombie sounds. Log off. LOL!!!!!!!!
  5. I hate the creepers that stand on top of your house entrance. Usually when I start making a settlement within my first few Minecraft days, I make a "hobbit hole" to stay safe in. Well, these creepers tend to be very sneaky. Sometimes in the mornings, I will walk outside of my door, only to notice a creeper just jumped in front of my face from above. After that day I called them "HOLY WHAT T- BOOM" rather than creepers.