Creepers destroying my items...

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  1. Maybe I was just very unlucky today, but in the wild I got ambushed by creepers on two occasions; When they exploded they seemed to completely annihilate most of my dropped items! I can't remember this happening before, is this a new 'feature' since the update? Needless to say, I rage quitted after the second time! Well it was 10pm...
  2. Really?!?!?! Oh my god!!!!! Maybe it isa glitch.
  3. I have had this happen a few times since the 1.2.3 update.
  4. Seriously??? I havent had this happen to me yet on single player. Maybe its just on the Empire servers???
  5. perhaps the new grouping feature is affecting this.
  6. Oh, that's a very good point. You could be right there. :( As there was always a small chance of losing at least one item
  7. This happens when a creeper blows up and kills you and then another one blows up instantly after. An explosion will destroy most items.
  8. this has happened to me on several occasions both on server and on single, avoid going out in thunderstorms especially as a charged creeper (for which i seem to be a magnet to) will destroy everything you have no exceptions, (especially your enchanted diamond pickaxes, fml)
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  9. 1 creeper blew me up and killded me lost a brand new smite 3 looting 2 sword i had just bought :(
  10. I never go into the Wild with expensive enchanted items. I find it a trap to lose your loot, like Diablo crushed it.