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  1. Hi, My name is Kelsen99 and i am a VICTIM of of Creeper attack and i would like to complain that all i did was hit him with a stick.... no need for him to get so violent.

    Yours Sincerely
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  2. I am really extremely sorry, i noticed fluffy was gone yesterday and i spent all last night and today looking for her. We used to have her on an EXTREMELY Strong chain, but in the end it wasnt enough.
    She really was a very harmless misunderstood creature most of the month, but when the full moon comes out she goes into a state of sleepwalking and plays out her childhood fantasies. If you had hit her with any other object then a stick you would have been fine, but hitting her with a stick activated a previously hidden memory of a very traumatic event in her early life. When she was younger we used to train her like zookeepers do with elephants, they hit them with sticks with nails in them when they are naughty.
    You have my sincere apology, but without visual evidence i cant be certain it was fluffy, and i wont ban her.

    P.S. If you would be kind enough to show me where it happened, i would like to place a memorial on her behalf. :(
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  3. Oh my. Which zoo did you go to?
  4. These creeper attacks are geting out of control something must be done
  5. They may be breeding in the tunnels beneath town, I will have to get the mods together to do a tunnel run to clear out their nests. So you know what that means? There's about to be an enourmas influx of gunpowder on the markets very soon.
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  6. Lol, right.
  7. I say we put them in camps.That will make them second guess their exploding ways.
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