Creeper Statue!!! Please donate :)

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  1. Hey guys, I am currently working on a Creeper statue On smp1 lot 1389, and need donations, i will post a pic every few layers so you can see my progress. And id like people to donate for my cause...
    What i need is
    Lime wool :)
    White Wool :)
    Black Wool:)
    Grey Wool :)
    Green wool :)
    Please donate to help this possible, and will make board next to creeper with names of donaters!

    Thanks for donating :)
  2. I've donated lime. I went to donate green but you didn't take it :mad:
  3. I wish i could donate to help out a fellow Council Member, maybe ill grab some wool in my free time!
  4. Thankyou very much guys!!!
  5. S_R_L_B i didnt take it because at that moment, i didnt need :)
  6. Thanks im on res 1389 smp1! :D
  7. I can donate some white wool,have a personal farm....:)
  8. Thanks alot thestar, can u go on smp1 now?
  9. Actually im gonna make some donation boxes, 1r for say 10 wool? Like iBuy forom you, so its not JUST donating, you geet out of it :D
  10. welp. there goes my next wool project. unlessssssssss..... ssssssss.... thatssss a lotsss of pretty woolssss you gotsssessss theressssss..... mind ifssss I'sssss helpssss youssss removesssssesss thissssss fromsss yoursss lotssss. sssssssssss....
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  11. Why don't you just buy wool then..
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  12. sorry,first in the morning,And I only have like a stack or Two.....
  13. BEcause, its still donating >.<
  14. u donate? PLEASE
    But seriously, can
  15. ill see what i can do, but i am in great need of green wool since tahts my carpeting for my big house on both floors, and i dont normally grow those colors of wools. ill try though, ill try.
  16. Guys u can stop donating now, the creeper only needs the top of it's head to be Put on then I'm done!
    Ifu would like to see the creeper,go on SMP1 res 1389, maybe sell unwanted wool, I like them!