Creeper Mart has MOVED

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  1. Just letting yall know that
    Creeper mart has moved across the street to 14649
    Thanks all my Loyal customers :D
  2. Some of your stuff is over priced like 10r for A PUMPKIN.Just saying you might want to lower them.
  3. Anything that has Creeper in it is related to me.... and I don't own this mart so it is classified as

  4. So they are coping you!!!!! OHHHH SOMEONE IS IN TROUBLE. Lol.
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  5. Settle this in a Creeper off..:mad: SSSSSSSsssssss....
    Joking ;)
  6. :eek: Lol :p
  7. one thing I dislike is you can't hide face expressions in grey text D:
  8. Yes very true.
  9. You can if you separate the characters that compose it so it doesn't auto-replace it with an image. : P
  10. I think that ruins the face though :confused: lol xD
  11. Yeah... but no worse than the face would be ruined by a creeper blast. ;)
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