Creeper in "NAPA 200,000 mile club" video

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  1. Skip to 0:37 for some Minecraft product placement

  2. Lol, I'm usually pretty attentive to detail, but didn't see it until the 3rd try! On a side note: my F250 has over 230k on it, but it's a diesel. Should be good for 500k, or the body & frame rust away, whichever comes first.
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  3. 2003 Park avenue, stalled out of my today. In the garage for diagnosis and most likely a new O2 sensor and a catalytic converter 206k on her.

    She stalled as I was pulling out of a parking lot, so I ended up with my nose in traffic a lil. While I'm making the 1st attempt to get her started, before I pushed her back into the parking lot and called for a tow truck. this guy drives by in a pickup truck screaming at me that I'm a moron. Apparently I picked a stupid place to allow my car to stall at. I recognized this "Gentleman" as the same guy that screamed at me last week, to get my nose out of my cell phone and pay attention to the road, While I was parked in a parking lot reading a hard back book. So I yelled back at him "F___ off you no lobed micro-cephalic troglodyte." I don't think he understood me.
  4. This may be one of the scariest videos I have seen as of yet.
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  5. I feel like this was edited...
  6. The video is directly from Napa's channel, so it was intended...
  7. Wow.....
  8. The creeper isnt noticable if you dont look hard.
    Its in a second floor window.
  9. I doubt intended, but yes sir it's really there.
  10. I doubt it was intended, it's not very good product placement and was most likely shot at a house where a kid who played Minecraft lived and they just happened to have that in their window. Minecraft advertising on an advertisement that's for Auto-Parts isn't really smart, so I doubt it was intended.
  11. My thoughts EXACTLY
  12. I did not intend to imply that the creeper face in the window was intentional, paid product placement just that once again Minecraft showed itself.
    This was no more "advertising" than the hipster with the Creeper beanie cap, or the 8 year old girl wearing a "steve" t-shirt at the mall.